Monday, October 10, 2011

A Nutty Favor

So, I might have gotten my bug and butterfly obsession out of my system now that it's fall. Plus, I have a new idea I can't get out of my head -- nuts. Well, nuts and seeds. I am finding acorns all over my property and I am remembering the little acorn creatures I made as a child. While brainstorming for a winter wedding, I came up with the idea of nuts and a custom nutcracker as an in-room gift. I would love that!

When I ran across these chocolate nut favors, I went (forgive me) nuts. You can find them and the little bags on etsy. Or you can get a rubber stamp and print your own muslin bags. Then you can customize the bag with your monogram, wedding date, or a cute image of a squirrel...

Chocolates from Andies Specialty Sweets and the bags are from Quotes and Notes.