Monday, October 10, 2011

#KimKWedding - Kardashian Wedding Twitter?

No matter how hard I searched last evening, I had one heck of a time finding any really fun or interesting wedding twitter for Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kris Humphries.

The sad part is that I found a lot of mean spirited twitter and that made me sad. Maybe the economy is partly a reason that folks cannot wrap their heads around such a spectacle being blasted out on Bravo and the hype on The Today Show? Even the page on the new Huffington Post Wedding page touting, live and updated tweets throughout the show was not the kind of twitter I'd like to retweet. It very well may have been a trending topic, but I wouldn't be so proud. Any why exactly was the hashtag for the event #KimKWedding? Where is the groom in all this anyway?

We'll follow the twitter on the part 2 of this "fairytale" wedding and see what happens. What are your thoughts on the wedding episode and the wedding itself - got any good tweets to share?

Here's a slide show of tweets from their wedding back in August.

Honesty disclaimer: I actually did not watch the episode last night. J and I were enthralled watching the Discovery channel's documentary show "Egypt's Lost Cities', which by the way was awesome.