Saturday, February 25, 2012

One of our featured Destination Weddings

We are delighted that one of our weddings we planned and decorated for Kelly and Wil last year has been featured in the latest Canadian WeddingBells special edition magazine.

Kelly and Wil were an amazing couple from Canada and needed help to plan their intimate destination wedding from across the Atlantic. So we organised and planned their wedding with them via email and had everything arranged ready for their arrival shortly before their wedding day at the fabulous Suite Del Mar at Puente Romano Hotel.

It was a stunningly beautiful day here in Marbella last September and we were delighted to be hosting, organising and decorating their very special day and we are thrilled their beautiful wedding has been featured in the delightful WeddingBells special edition magazine. 

Our thanks to Joee Wong, their wonderful photographer, that formed part of their entourage for capturing our work and sharing this truly special day.

Spanish Wedding Flowers

This week whilst browsing Pinterest I noticed one of our brides, Sue who got married here last year, pinning lots of South African wedding ideas. 

My stalking hat was put on and I as I repinned her pins I was intrigued as to what Sue was creating these lovely ideas for.  I am too nosey to stalk so sent Sue a message and it transpires Sue is helping a friend design her South African wedding for next year and the ideas they have are lovely including the clever use of animal prints for the cakes and detailing :)

The flowers for this inspiration are proteas, a tropical flower native of South Africa. This flower is named after the Greek God Proteus, who could change his form at will due to the fact there are such a wide variety of proteas.  This flower is also sometimes called a sugarbush which I thought was rather a pretty name!

I was intrigued that the colours this tropical flower naturally creates, a colour scheme with the pale silvers, gorgeous greens and the tones of orange are gorgeous. 

Using these flowers here are perfect for Spain as they of course can withstand the Mediterranean heat so perhaps not your vintage rose or peony but worth considering this style of flower if you are planning a wedding here in the hot summer.

Thank you Sue for your lovely inspirations this week and I am looking forward to the hen night themes :)!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Couples wanted for a Stylised Engagement Session in Madrid

The Jason Groupp from NYC are heading over to Madrid at the beginning of March and are looking for newly engaged couples for a stylised photo shoot.

A signature of their studio is I Heart New York and they have some stunning stylised takes for an engagement session, take a look here to find out more, a touch of NYC Madrid Style!

So if you are heading to Madrid on the 1st and 2nd March and would love an engagement photo session with this fabulous team do contact them or perhaps this could be a good excuse to plan a pre wedding romantic getaway!

Due to the fact this is rather short notice they are also considering anyone with a special occasion, perhaps an anniversary or a celebration.

We are also hugely excited too as NYC comes again later this year in the form of another amazing photographer, to visit Reviva and photograph some of our weddings to take back across the Atlantic!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Featured :: Pittsburgh Weddings Magazine

So excited to share that another one of our fabulous 2011 weddings has been featured in Pittsburgh Weddings Magazine. Check out Laura & Zack's wedding in the January 2012 issue of Pittsburgh Weddings Magazine...on newsstands now!

Photo courtesy of Craig Photography.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Gorgeous Spanish Style Wedding

I know I have posted about these wedding details before from Lisa Vorce, but I am so in love with the styling and the colours of this wedding I thought it would be lovely to share these gorgeous images with you again as for me personally they sum up such a beautifully styled Spanish theme.

I love the use of the typical dark spanish woods, the lace details, even right down to the Spanish raffia mats on the tables.  Everything about this wedding makes me want to sigh heavily, I think the fact it is the whites and pinks also helps, as this for me sums up Andalucian white washed villages covered in pink bouganvilla.

There are so many details too from the iron centrepieces, again typically spanish, to the vintage style matchboxes filled with sweets, the lace hankerchiefs and of course tequila (that I cannot drink to save my life!) and last but not least this lovely festooned burro.

We have yet to be asked to find one for a wedding but I am sure after this post we will be!  But as always nothing is impossible!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ombre for Weddings!

We love this new trend called Ombre, a French term meaning shaded.

It is popping up everywhere in wedding world.

I did see a bit of this trend last year with bridesmaids dresses in different shades of one colour.  We are even seeing coloured wedding dresses this year and I have seen some die for evening dresses that I am secretly coveting :)!

Ombre is a lovely idea and the cakes with this shaded design are gorgeous, even the insides are shaded layers which look divine and very eatable! 

Whether your chosen colour palette is pink, purple, blues, yellows (a huge colour in fashion world too at the moment) this idea of applying different shades of one colour to your wedding details is definitely worth considering.

Perhaps a cocktail going from dark to light, a cake or even this fabulous ribbon backdrop or your table centrepieces. 

Ombre is going to be a big hit this year and we will see a lot more of this by the autumn.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yellow and Aqua Wedding Colour Scheme at Zagaleta

We are very busy here now at Reviva, planning, designing and styling our 2012 weddings and are currently working on one of our Zagaleta weddings which we are delighted to share with you using a lemon, aqua and silver grey colour combo. 

We have some hugely artistic and talented brides this year with great design skills who are designing their own stationery for their weddings and we are working with their initial designs to achieve the styling, flowers and decoration they are planning for their special day here in Spain.

This wedding at Zagaleta is no exception and we are completely smitten with this hugely fashionable citrus yellow combo, but by combining it with white and a seaglass blue and a silvery grey tone we are keeping this wedding to an extravagent and elegant soiree.

Some delightful details will include limoncello favours and lemon sherbets!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's time..our hearts are with you!

The time has come...we can't believe it's finally here. We just got word that our dear sweet Sharlie is in surgery about to receive her new heart and lungs. We are anxious and excited for her and praying our own hearts out that all will be well for her come tomorrow morning.

So many of you have already helped to support her and literally filled her lungs with love in the event that we hosted just last November. Raising nearly $100,000 we far exceeded our goal. It was something we never dreamed was possible..but then it was Sharlie and with her everything seems possible. I just wanted to thank all of you out there for your wonderful generosity and ask you once more to give to Shar with your prayers. I will be sharing with you more of our Air Supply: Filling Lungs with Love event this week and many of the miracles that came hand in hand that we were so blessed to be a part of and witness. Until then...sending you all many hugs and a big Thank you on behalf of Sharlie and Ryan. Keep praying! Shar we love you!

Spring Inspirations

I love our 'wedding' blog and adore running our fabulous wedding planning and styling business here in Spain, but I started life as an interior stylist and designer.

I am fortunate that the wedding business I own takes up all my time now, but of course I still have a keen eye for what is new in interiors and styling.

It is this time of year I love scanning through ideas, for my own home, and to keep up with trends, ideas and inspirations for our weddings.

I had an interesting day today reading through my blog (I was actually trying to find one particular post!)  but I was quite intrigued as to how we were predicting trends last year that are only just emerging this year.

Two sprang to mind, one was the metallics and the other was the more formal romantic look of the feather and jewels coming back into weddings and stepping away slightly from the vintage look. 

Decadence is making a comeback albeit slowly and bit by bit we will see more luxurious weddings emerging with a few more jewels and florals. 

I just wanted to share this gorgeous photo with you as this is my bedroom inspiration from Zara Home and how I have decided to spend my much pleaded for Christmas vouchers but what a fabulous inspiration too for a fresh and floral wedding design :)

Take Cover

What says Spring more than a cover of April ? We were so excited to find out that our darling bride April (of April & Aaron at True Photography) is a
finalist for the Exquisite Weddings Spring magazine cover contest! We just loved everything about her July wedding and can't wait to share more of the details with you! Help us get that beauty on the cover by voting here!

The voting ends today so be sure and head over and share some love!
We can't wait to find out if she gets it! Thanks for all of your support!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Details, details, details. There are so many details Viva loves when it comes to the world of weddings we decided to start a new monthly feature on the blog, bringing you details we found online that caught our eye and we proceeded to fall absolutely head over heals in love with!

This month's feature is a fabulously unique idea that combines escort cards with a signature drink.

Many couples choose a signature cocktail to serve their guests during cocktail hour and how cool would it be to have their drink double as their escort card, letting them know at which table they'll be seated for dinner.

Viva loves!!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love is in the Air!

Reviva Weddings have had a fabulous week meeting many of our wonderful clients. 

I love getting to know our couples as we approach their wedding days and I, to be honest, am humbled my many of their stories they share with us. For me, and my fantastic team, it just makes our work so very special to be able to share in these truly emotional and special occasions knowing some of the stories behind the relationships.

As Valentine's Day approaches this week we would like to share our delightful heart inspiration board with you all and wish our charming couples from the past and for the future a very special Valentines Day and hope romance and love is in the air this week!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Salam hyeeeeeeeeeee alls.................. :)

Yes im now married..!! woohoo.. After all the preps and journey i have taken, we're finally husband and wife... Syukur Alhamdulillah kami sah dgn satu lafaz ajer taw, pada 10.2.12, pukul xbrape nak sure..hahaa *i was so caught up in the moment i lost track of time* was perfect..! i loved every single thing about it.. it was beyond my expectation..i ingatkan mcm biase2 jer tp bila tgk, wahh..! i mmg happy sgt2222...i xtau nak explain camne skang..huhuu..

Thank u so much to all family members, vendors, guests, sumer lah yg terlibat secara langsung n secara xlangsung.. dgn mereka2 ini my wedding will not be like this. And also thanks to all of u yg bagi support, mendoakan kebahagiaan kami n bagi lovely wishes.. :)

ok la xnak ckp byk2, tunggu lepas wedding bila betul2 free i akan update lagi yea about my wedding.. ;)

here's some pics taken by others.. ;) thanks people..! :D

pics from tatie (tqvm my gorgeous laling)

pic from my aunty irene ;)

ok till then dears...jemput dtg ya esok @dewan komuniti bukit damansara.. daaaa~ :D


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Minted Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to all our dear readers who took the time to enter to win the
Minted $100 Giveaway
We loved reading all of your comments & seeing your favorite picks.
We really wish we could have given this prize to each and every one of you!

Now for the winner! Drum roll please...


Congrats Angela, we are so excited for you!
Please contact us so we can get you your awesome prize.

Angela's name was selected at random and we are so happy for her.
We couldn't resist looking up one of her favorites; Sweet Linen is oh so sweet!

Thanks again to all of our fabulous readers who entered this contest & hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

Sunday, February 5, 2012



*Scheduled Entry*

ENTRY : SUPER-LONG WITHOUT PICTURES.. erk mesti u all boring kan T_T

Aroooo... by now when u all are reading this im already super-duper-muper busy and also sleeping cos i set pukul 3am..hehe ;p nasib la dah cut.. mcm2 bende yg bleh settle kan.. weee... :) ok this post is kesinambungan from HERE

Dah collect kat tailor kat butik pengantin city one plaza. it's okay-ada rupa baju, but not 100% satisfied and ape yg mintak (very simple) xberapa nak menjadik, and workmanship very2 so-so..bila tgk dalam dia, adoih.. T_T but ade issue yg lebih patut diconcern and tepuk dahi..  thanks to my degil-self, my baju agak jarang..ok tipu, sgt jarang..! i shud have usen the satin given by jakel, but nooOOOooooo i nak jugak tukar ngan chiffon, n the chiffon given by the SA tu mmg xmembantu..tailor tu dah bgtau kat i baju akan jarang but noooOOoooo i nak jugak ckp xpe pakai malam..tgk2 bila da siap, OMG mmg betul jarang.. but xleh nak buat kena make-do la.. carik corset or inner thingy yg skin colour.. xleh nak pakai PB cos obvious bleh nampak.. T_T and my baju supposed to be the colour i wanted, but now thanks to the lining tu dia ada dat hint of another colour, which is macam bridesmaid punye colour gak.. oh myyyy...!! x stress but tepuk dahi la.. chill renee chill.. insyallah all will be ok.. xpe la i jadik bridesmaid la jugak, voley? hahahaa ;p

P/S: the place is not recommended, sorry cha. Sekian terima kasih.

Bilik dah starting to be a bilik pengantin..! yeay..sumer brg2 dah kemas tinggal nk pasang langsit,brg2 hantaran n some stuffs.. my theme? xde pun.. but i put it as Modern+romantic+COZY..  cozy tu yg penting ya adik2.. heheee.. ;p im lucky i can decorate my own bilik pengantin, kalau leave to sumone else, confirm ropol2 here n there..tidaaaaaakkkk.... ;p

Hari tu i ada mention jumpe bende best kat umah... HERE. I duno why, but i think sgt best! mama pun happy jumpa bende tu.. apakah bende tu? It's actually my arwah tokmak's dulang hantaran (kaki dulang).. it was beautiful..! classic sgt2.... serious skang ni da lama xjumpa org buat hantaran ala2 classic..kan? *ting* idea tu dtg.. i will gubah my own hantaran dgn theme classic+modern+?.. kena buat last minute cos pakai fresh flowers.. hope it'll work out.. :D

My B2B bridesmaids..!! ada yg da share tunjuk baju dah siap.. gorgeous seh..hehe.. ;p oh as i mentioned, my colour baju nikah now is seakan2 colour dorang.. *sobs*.... xpe lah pasrah.. nanti org pelik apsal terlebih bridesmaid? Oh! pengantin rupanya..hahahaaa ;p

Yesterday jumpa akak BUTIK C and further discussion about hall n stuffs.. I mintak dia buat ala2 mcm wedding MEL yg awesome tu.. nak ada kain hanging2 gitu cos dewan i sama mcm dia.. akak BUTIK C dah pegi dewan, checkout the place, buat measurements n stuffs.. n dia explain la the costs n all dat.. since first time buat dewan tu, dorang hv to purchase new stuffs for the things i wanted la.. bila dgr tu mcm *gulps* la jugak.. so cancel la.. amek je package yg sedia ada, but add some touch yg gitu2 n ehem2 sket.. *haha i ni jahat x bgtau in detail* ;p akak tu pun best sgt22222... rasa mcm nyesal xjumpa dia awal2 n amek full package tros ngan dia. baju2 dia masyallah chun gilers.. tailor dia pun ada, n dia ada bilik for xde la kite nak risau baju tu sub kat mat bangla mane2 kan..huhu.. and for setup, me n mama pesan buat awal, xnak last2 minute pagi tu..i slumber je citer bout fira's story n akak tu promise dia akan buat midnite, siap around 5-6am. One thing about this butik C, kalau pelamin, bayaran kena buat habis dulu before wedding.. i mcm erk..o.O but my mama+daddy suggested we pay half first. n then dat day 5am tu, we all akan gi dewan, checkout everything is in ordern chantek n according to wat i wanted, n then pay the rest of the balance, akak tu agree so ok la.. i hope n doakan akak BUTIK C will do her best for my wedding.. da la dia tu best n sporting..i luv u akak..! doakan semoga sumer berjalan lancar ye my lalings.. :)

p/s: bila buat final discussion camni, make sure u write down skali ape yg dia mention...jgn harap vendor tulis, n then u ingat camtu je.. mcm i every single detail yg discussed depan2 dia gak i tulis..from colour, flowers ape, design aisle camne.. sumer tulis n simpan as reference..

amboiii...hover okeh..haha..i cant think of any other words actually.. haha ;p ala da tinggal 4hari kan, so mesti la super excited n verangan lebih2 about d nikah day.. i mcm bleh terbayang kan mini pelamin i, tp rasa mcm xleh terbayang..*eh paham ke*.. i duno la, im super excited about it..maybe cos ada a bit of personalization di situ? maybeeee....maybe cos i ni kuat verangan? hahaaa.. okeh NEXT

yeayyy..super super super happy..!! most of our DIY stuffs dah the very last minute..hahaaa.. tu laaa PROCRASTINATE lagi cik renee oi... verangan je whole year tp complain pasal itu-ini xsiap..kennnnn..oops? ;p ala biase la, verangan xsemestinyer sumer termampu nak buat.. bukannye ape i share kat blog i sumer i nak buat..haiyoh choyy la..i cuma try mane yg mampu, mane yg sempat, mane yg within budget (which is very2 not helping T_T).. da nama pun budget bride... kalau no-budget bride, i hire wedding planner je trus settlekan sumer.. so now, alhamdulillah all settled..! weeee.. :D 

p/s: akan update yer on DIY stuffs *fluttering-eyelashes* ;p

dia mmg gagah..! hehe...thanks so muchie to my fiance, without him mmg most of the things listed atas xde la kot.. My fiance is super helpful, super rajin, super supportive, super loving, super everything lah.. im totally beyond words.. he's the best guy ever! my fiance dah tolong kemas rumah (rumah i okeh!) yg penuh barang2 after renovation, my fiance dah tolong angkat2 furniture kat rumah n oso furniture bilik pengantin, my fiance dah tolong aturkan balik the bilik pengantin supaya nampak luas-yes sgt2 luas compared to the one i posted before HERE... my fiance dah tolong siapkan most of the diy project:x stuffs... oh what can i say..sayanggg thank u so much for everything.. i lovie u so muchie..hehe..okay-okay, nak jiwang pun xbleh..hmmmph~

p/s:thanks to my younger bro too for he's my official driver for 1week..hehe ;p

haha..i have no words to describe yg photobooth stuffs.. bende2 yg beli sumer xmenepati citarasa i, but it's close la with the one i wanted HERE. Dah byk tempat pegi, but i canot find the colour paper stringy thingys.. yg jumpa kertas yg mcm crepe tu.. n then i canot find bling2 thingys yg mcm plastic berjurai2 tu, so i bought bende yg org slalu letak kat party2..cuma yg paper-fan je ok, materials juz beli kertas colour2 n gift-wrapper... another issue, how in the world im gonna put these things together? mana nak gantung? i da ada plywood panel, tapi agak xshok cos it's plain.. so ape yg renee akan buat? jengjengjeng..kite tunggu dan lihat ye..haha *jahat tul i* ;p Watever it is, i hope my project will turn up ok. i do hope DBA aka THE PHOTOBOOTH CORNER HERE akan menjayakan project ni, cos mesti ramai akan tengok n tanye sape org yg amek2 pic tu?sape yg org provide sumer2 tu? definitely sape yg suka akan tercari2 cik DBA kite... ;) so im really hoping for the best, im counting on u DBA..! hehe ;p

p/s: sape2 yg inginkan photobooth corner yg chantek menarik kau mmg the bomb boleh la contact dba aka THE PHOTOBOOTH CORNER yer.. Dba sgt sweet n baik orgnye, korang contact la dia kay.. ;)

ok bab ni rasa mcm nak tumbuk perut org kat tepi jalan yg xbersalah.. haha kejam ;p xde la..camni citer al-kisahnyee.. patutnye nak buat video montag n all stuffs...n patutnye da ade projectornye..but at d very last minute orangnye nak pakai untuk presentation ape ntah..sooooo nak carik mane skang?mane? yg mula2 dpt tu i dpt free, thru my bro.. pinjam member sama member kan.. but now xde, so maybe xde lah video yer.. time tandang confirm la ade dewan dorang best..huhuhuuuuuuuu... T_T

em.hmm.mmmmm.... mom bought another veil. dia xsuka the kain i bought for DIY veil.mode: pasrah. cant deny the new veil is nice, and different sket from usual brides slalu buat, but my diy project? *duduk one corner in darkness,with spotlight on u*

4days, dot. okay la one day on thursday tu xyah kira cos patutnya on dat day sumer settled... 3days, dot. apakah perasan mu renee?takut x? naahh, xtakut n xnervous..LAGI. skang ni sgt2 bz settlekan pikir itu-ini. cuma nervous bab2 bende2 xsiap mcm packing doorgifts sumer tu..dah la telur, so xleh nak buat awal2. Risau relatives busy xdpt nk tlg ker, or siblings bz xdpt tlg, or siblings dtg nikah lambat cos ada yg xamek cuti..!! (dah bgtau awal almost setahun okeh!).. serious xtau nak ckp ape..ape la salahnye applyyyyyy...sheesh.. i know work is important, but ni adik kawin kot..da la jumaat, so ptg super jam.. so u nk dtg mcm guest je la?xtlg pape la? haa kan da luah perasaan kat sini.. im not angry, im juz frustrated, so does mom+dad. tp xpe la nak buat camne some other way mmg dorang ade tolong dari segi bab2 lain (appreciate n very thankful), but.... isk susah nak explain. i was hoping kalau dulu time dorang i bleh beriya2, excited, apply cuti awal, tolong mcm2, always be there when they need help... i hope my time akan dpt la camtu gak..tapi x langsung.. *eh mcm ungkit la plak, but it's true* . Ni siap call mama tanye nak dtg hari apa nak tolong (adoih nak kene tanye ke?).

anywayssss...xnak sedih2, pape pun.. tinggal brape hari je lagi..hope lain la jadinyer for my special day kan... xsabar nih...hahaa ;p doakan semoga sumer dipermudahkan n lancar ya.. muahs luv u all..! :D daaa~~


Spanish Wedding Inspiration

We are always looking for spanish wedding inspirations and just had to share this with you.  A Hip Hacienda wedding created by the hugely amazing Lisa Vorce.

I love the rustic qualities of this wedding, steering away from the conventional wedding furniture and chairs and using the dark woods combined with hessian textures and the terracotta containers.  One thing I think flags up in this delightful wedding is the attention to the stationery and the details, it is the use of the teal design on the chairs and churros bags that brings this wedding to life and of course we love the papel picado.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Haro happy friday..!

*Scheduled Entry*
I found this on the net and sgt2 suka.. bagi mereka yg blum decide theme colours lagi, u can try these colour combos below yg i nak share nie... I know mesti ramai tercarik2 ape colour trend for 2012 kan?betul x? heeheee.. i think this is year 2012 will be more on POP colours.. like PINK+ORANGE+YELLOW, SKY BLUE+APPLE GREEN, PURPLE+YELLOW..sumer colour2 ceria.. ;)

but i rasekan, xperlu la ikut sgt colour trends.. cos bila sumer nak ikut trend, sumer buat sama, mcm basi la plak kan? x gitueww? just my opinion laa..

Like me, ini kes theme, bukan theme colours yer... mula2 nak giler nak theme Moroccan or English vintage ala2 whimsical for reception (byk org buat year 2011). *eh baru teringat xpenah plak mention kat blog ni* hahaahaa surprise le konon ;p But last2 xbuat cos i dah dgr ni lebih 10kali "eh wedding tadi buat ur moroccan theme tu la".."eh wedding tadi buat ur vintage theme tu la". either from family, friends and my experience.. kite yg dgr tu rasa mcm alaa mcm boring la plaks, xnak la theme2 tu cos dah ramai sgt buat..haha.. ;p So NEXT! (bak kata kak jumie)
Tu contoh i la, tp kalau nak buat go ahead no prob kan, tu dari segi pandangan i.

Okay mcm byk lak ckp padahal i wanna share these lovely colour combos...hehehe. ok mari cuci mata... ;)

credit Mr Oogley (google)





 RED-NAVY-WHITE (tambah yellow jadik wedding 1malaysia..haha ;p)









DARK BROWN-BROWN-CREAM (dah lame xtgk wedding colour brown..chantek + classy!)

 AQUA-RED-TAN (wedding fareini pakai baju combo ni..nice!)

PURPLE-BLACK-GREEN (jangan dark green nanti macam BARNEY la plaks T_T)









lelong2 pilih2 mana yg suka..heheheee.. ;p

Although ada TREND, but rase xsalah x ikut trend. Why not be the trendsetter? ecewahhh idea idea.. haha ;p but kalau wedding pape pun, i rasa any colours is OK as long u pandai gabungkan n work the colour out.. ;) ok daaaa....