Saturday, February 11, 2012


Salam hyeeeeeeeeeee alls.................. :)

Yes im now married..!! woohoo.. After all the preps and journey i have taken, we're finally husband and wife... Syukur Alhamdulillah kami sah dgn satu lafaz ajer taw, pada 10.2.12, pukul xbrape nak sure..hahaa *i was so caught up in the moment i lost track of time* was perfect..! i loved every single thing about it.. it was beyond my expectation..i ingatkan mcm biase2 jer tp bila tgk, wahh..! i mmg happy sgt2222...i xtau nak explain camne skang..huhuu..

Thank u so much to all family members, vendors, guests, sumer lah yg terlibat secara langsung n secara xlangsung.. dgn mereka2 ini my wedding will not be like this. And also thanks to all of u yg bagi support, mendoakan kebahagiaan kami n bagi lovely wishes.. :)

ok la xnak ckp byk2, tunggu lepas wedding bila betul2 free i akan update lagi yea about my wedding.. ;)

here's some pics taken by others.. ;) thanks people..! :D

pics from tatie (tqvm my gorgeous laling)

pic from my aunty irene ;)

ok till then dears...jemput dtg ya esok @dewan komuniti bukit damansara.. daaaa~ :D