Monday, January 9, 2012



How's everything? how's preps? how's married life? Hows? Hows? There's so many questions i wanna ask u all tau... If possible, rasa mcm nak jumpa je every each one of u (friends, readers, silent readers) have a drink and lepak2 chitchat or karoks ke ;p.... I'm so thankful and happy to have u all as my readers.. so many support and love.. hate pun ada tapi abaikan aje la kan..haha..

This blog was born september 2010, and only after 1 year plus, i've gained sooooo many friends and readers throughout my wedding journey.. and time flies so fast..tup2 tgk kat column belah kanan blog ni..waahh ye ke?? more than 500 followers? xsangkaaa... Alhamdulillah thanks so much to all yang follow, baca, comment, and made my blog as ur inspiration and as reference for your wedding preps....

maybe if compared to other blogs, 500 tu xde ape la sgt.. Blog ni pun biase2 je, xde la nak letak app2, custom template ke, pakai colour2 rainbows ke hape.. and i think ramai lagi b2b @ ex-b2b bloggers yang lagi inspiring n best but papepun i still terharu jugak la... but for me, it's such and honor n i felt really2 terharu.. and i appreciate every each one of u..! *hugs* lagi terharu when ramai yg came forward thru email/fb introduce themselves as my reader+silent readers.. tp skang da xsilent da kan.. hehheeeee... Alhamdulillah dgn blog n total pageviews ni jugak, ade la sedikit sebanyak mendatangkan rezeki kahwin..*eh betul ke ayat ni* alhamdulillah syukur.. thanks to u all..! :) u all mmg best n awesommmmeeee.. :) 

Insyallah i will continue blogging and inspire u all even after my wedding. And do hope u all wont stop inspiring me...i didnt do this all alone taw, u all pun inspire me.!

Thanksss sooo muchiieeee *hugs* 
insan biasa - Renee Meow
*credit photo - nadia zahari & peaches by anna cherie*

*sorry if there's too much 'thanks', 'appreciate' and 'terharu'..hehe ;p

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