Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Long, Long, Long-Lasting Lipstick

No matter how good a makeup artist is I've always been bothered by the dilemma of the disappearing lipstick. With all the talking and smooching a bride does on her wedding day lipstick touch-ups are a constant concern. So when a professional make-up artist clued me into a drugstore lipstick that did the trick, I ran to my local pharmacy to try it out. Revlon's Ultimate ColorStay Liquid Lipstick was on my lips the same day. It went on like a wand gloss, which was great. A minute later my lips felt like I applied a glue stick to them. When the lipstick dried (about 3 minutes), the stickiness was gone and the lipstick was on solid. I ate, I drank, I kissed; it did not come off. I admit to a drying sensation to this matte color but although the lipstick did not last 24 hours successfully, it certainly lasted the length of even a very long wedding. This is a lipstick I would trust to stay on and look good all night long. Try Perfect Peony with a clear gloss over it for a perfect wedding color. Give it a test run and let me know what you think!