Friday, April 8, 2011

We're In The Bride's Guide, Martha Stewart Weddings Blog

I am so pleased that a new series of blogs from a shoot I styled in St. Lucia have started posting on The Bride's Guide. The inspiration on this volcanic island was everywhere. Photographer Mel Barlow and I worked for three days to create the rustic and unique looks you'll see on the blog; I think the results were beautiful.
The most amazing part was that I managed to stuff all the props needed into one giant suitcase. The trick to this destination shoot was finding compact items with big impact (parasols, cocktail napkins, paper pom poms, garland, linens), or to source items on-island. Ladera's General Manager scouted the property for me in advance, taking digital pictures of everything from the in-house china to the landscape. We managed to score incredible local pottery, exotic centerpieces from the gardens and found whimsy in the colorful mosaic floors and items from the gift shop. Stay tuned each week for the next 5 weeks for inspiration from the shoot!