Tuesday, April 20, 2010


ban.do was created by Jen and Jamie - two stylists from LA who are inspired by color, wild about cupcakes (hence their motto "dress like a cupcake should feel") and enjoy laughing until soda comes out their noses. With a bio like that, how can you not love these two?!

Their pieces have been featured on many a celebrity head (Taylor Swift is a big fan!) and in countless magazines (Glamour, The Oprah Magazine, People, US, In Touch, InStyle Weddings, and Martha Stewart Weddings to name just a few).

Recently launched, Black Label is their couture collection. With a nod to hollywood glamour and a wink at many current trends, these pieces are all either one of a kind or limited edition.

The ban.do line is where it all began. While not one of a kind, these vintage inspired pieces are spectacular.

Heart by ban.do is an amazingly affordable line in which you'll find every piece priced at $50 or less.

And of course there's the line Viva is all over - ban.do for the bride. Choosing which head pieces to feature on our blog from this collection was a painful process. They're all so fabulous! But alas, we finally narrowed it down to a few favourites. Be sure to check out the link above to view the rest. You won't be dissapointed!

PS. Yes ladies, they ship to Canada! We would never be so cruel as to tempt you with these beautiful images otherwise.

As Jen & Jamie would say - They are guaranteed to make you feel special and pretty and they're still cheaper than plastic surgery. Feel pretty. Wear ban.do